This body of work is a critique of contemporary culture. I use humor, satire, and performance to examine the phenomenon of celebrity. Commonly used, fashionable formulas are employed to detail an unattainable lifestyle valued by our society as one of the highest degrees of success. The existence of Chad Bentley is to serve as the cover story that critiques a generation consumed by parasocial relationships and a vicarious lifestyle. The spectacle of the new American Royalty, and its enamoring characteristics, are condensed into objects and performances that allow for a closer examination of our contemporary values. The details and polished edges that make up Chad Bentley reference a world that prefers the sign over the signified. Caught between being appalled by its absurdity and lost in its decadence, I use this facade to critique both the upper echelon and those who ceaselessly perpetuate the illusion of the new American Dream. 


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